Pill Popping Psoriasis Cures

About 18 months ago on one of her dedicated 'psoriasis cures' online searches my Mum came across this site ... Natural Cures 

It describes how many people who suffer from skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema, were getting fabulous results from high dose krill and evening primrose oils. 

Ever since I can remember I have take high dose Fish oil for my skin, but this isn't just a high dose... This is 6 of these guys a day... 

Plus a couple of other multivitamins, probiotics and digestive enzymes... And you have yourself a cocktail that looks a little like this...

I don't feel any different on the tablets - but my skin is seriously getting lighter and less angry. My chiropractor also commented on the colour reduction. 

Combining this high dose of Krill and evening primrose oil, with some olive leaf extract and some pretty serious VSL#3 probiotics and digestive enzymes seems to be helping.

Just be careful that you don't over load yourself by taking too many supplements at once. I tend to fall into that trap regularly, one visit to the naturopath and I leave there rattling!

What supplements have you found help alleviate your skin condition?