Step 8. Reality check time... again

Why is it that reality check time always seems to coincide with confession time for me?

I know I mentioned that I had a minor slip up earlier in February... aka a total week long BINGE! But I don't know if I was completely honest about exactly how much weight I ended up gaining by the end of it? Amazingly, in just a week of eating processed foods like McDonalds, KFC, Pizza Hut and Mexican I gained almost 5 kilograms. YEP. I thought it was just 3, but I weighed myself after a week of eating clean, the following week, and I was tipping the scales at a fraction under 100kgs. 

I was so humiliated. I had tried so hard for months, only to put it all back on AND MORE! And all because of a few take away meals? Food I didn't even enjoy, or remember!

I hopped off the scales as if they were infectious and pretended like it never happened. But unfortunately I travelled to Sydney to visit my parents that weekend and their was no hiding my weight gain from them.

My mother even went as far as to take my plate of food off me at dinner. 

At 31 years old, to have your food literally snatched from you, because you are so over weight you must immediately stop eating or you may die. That has to be one of the most humiliating moments of my life. 

To yell at an over weight person that they are literally eating themselves to death, while you sit there chowing down on a burrito, is NOT, I repeat NOT, the way to help guide someone into a healthier lifestyle. 

This all happened just a week before I was due to start my juice fast and around the same time I began training at the gym. So to be fair I was already trying damn hard to shift my excess fat.

I had just has a little set back. But I wasn't going to let that stop me. Nor was I going to let that demoralising attack from my parents affect my success. I wont lie, all I wanted to do at that point was eat my emotions. But I decided instead to chose to succeed. 

So this is me, where I am right now. April 2014. 1 week after a 21 day juice fast and 6 weeks of really sweating it out at the gym. 

Weight - 92kg (Released 8 kilos after binge in February and minus 3 kilos since beginning of the year

Not only have I gone down on the scales only 4 months after quitting smoking, which I have read can be quite the impossible feat! I have also lost a total of 30 cm across my body.

I feel slimmer and lighter, I jump out of bed to go to the gym in the morning, I am motivated and patient and best of all, my pants are getting wayyyy too big for me already! I feel fabulous. Moral of the story? Prove those haters wrong. Period.