Step 9. Learn to Cook

I wont lie. I am a very lazy person. I would much rater sit down in front of the TV and eat junk food and SLOTH all weekend than do most things. Until recently that was what I called relaxing, switching off, unwinding. 

 Honey Boo Boo knows where it's at! 

Honey Boo Boo knows where it's at! 

 Mindless eating in front of mindless TV. It's the BOMB! I love it. 

However it is because of this 'mindless' eating that I gained so much weight.  

It's so easy to just switch off and let someone else do all the thinking for you. To go and buy takeaway and pretend that the food tastes as good as anything you make at home. That it isn't laden with chemicals, and sugar and all kinds of poisons that your body just can't break down. 

But the truth is, most food - not just take away or fast food - Most food cooked in a commercial kitchen uses so much sugar,  salt and other food additives, that the only way to truly know what you are eating, is to cook it at home yourself.

So if you are what you eat, and you want to be a healthy, vital, wellness warrior like me... Then I guess it's time we step away from the take away and learn to cook! 

Starting my new healthy way of eating - LCHF late last year really got me in the swing of cooking. I would go on a Wednesday at Lunch time to the local growers market and shop for my food for the week - costing me around $200. Then I would take that home after work at 4 and cook up a storm for most of a Wednesday night until I had enough lunches, dinners and salads, breakfast and snacks to last me until my food shop the following Wednesday. 

I like this habit - I call it my WWOK - Wednesday Work Out in the Kitchen. It really works for me as I HATE wasting my Sundays food shopping and cooking. And as so many famous weight loss coaches say "70% of weight loss is done in the kitchen".  Damn them and their knowledge! 

I fell out of this healthy habit recently. After finding that my new diet regiment, LCHF, caters for just far too much dairy for my damaged digestive system unfortunately. So I am going to give the Autoimmune Paleo Protocol a shot. Hopefully seeing some results from this new plan might give me the motivation to get back in the kitchen.

How do you work out in the kitchen? What keeps you motivated to keep cooking? I'd love to hear your thoughts. Always open to new ideas and advice.

Simone :)