Step 6. Detoxification #1 The Parasite Cleanse

At the beginning of this month I completed my first detox. A 14 day Liver Detox from Natures Sunshine which was recommended to me by Sam Feltham and Carey Mann from Drop Your Dress Size.  These guys are an awesome online LCHF community and eating program I joined in January. I needed some help to get me motivated again, and to keep me on track as I haven't really lost much weight since I quit smoking last December. 

I totally recommend these guys if you want a little 'hand holding' on your weight loss journey. They think of everything, from the initial detox phase, to listing exactly what foods are best to eat and why, how to exercise and they even encourage the use of EFT to move you past old negative emotions connected to weight gain and emotional eating. 

Why should you detox before a diet?  

According to Sam Feltham and Krisin Green 

Toxins are fat soluble. In order to lose weight you must break down stored fat in the body, releasing these toxins into the blood stream. This in turn increases the work load on the liver, kidneys, and digestive system. It is important to undergo a detox program before you start a diet regimen in order to assist your body in clearing current toxins from your system, ready to start a fresh and support your vital organs during your weight loss journey. 

 Digested Liver Fluke. This is exactly what mine looked like accept they were all red and floating to the top of the bowl. 

Digested Liver Fluke. This is exactly what mine looked like accept they were all red and floating to the top of the bowl. 

While on the detox, and might I add this was a very mild detox with limited changes to my diet or exercise regime. I experienced sleeplessness, dry patches of skin on my face, a pimple out break all over my body and then after a day of PURE exhaustion I found millions of these guys in my poop!


At first I thought it was just tomato peels in my stools. But after days of not eating tomato and more and more of these icky 'things' appearing in the toilet bowl, I began to wonder what on earth they were!

Turns out they are a parasite called Liver Fluke. And if you know much about treating psoriasis, you'll know most ( alternate therapists such as herbalists and colonic irrigation specialists) believe psoriasis is a result of Liver damage!

This was incredibly exciting for me. I could FINALLY begin to join the dots. The more I read, the more I knew I was onto something. And the more I believed I had... Parasites!

A few unnerving facts on Parasites for you 

The word parasite comes from the Greek “parásītos” meaning “one who eats at another’s table”.

Parasites live off the food we consume, leaving us the scraps. In fact over 85% of the worlds population are believed to have these nasties living in their bodies, but less than 10% show any signs of severe illness. 

But the reason they are so toxic to our bodies is due to the waste material they secrete. This waste material is toxic and damages our digestive system, weakening our immune system, and making our bodies more susceptible to disease. 

Some of the symptoms you may experience are:

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Digestive problems
  • Food sensitivity and environmental intolerance
  • Excessive bacterial or viral infections
  • Joint and muscle pains and inflammation
  • Allergies
  • Difficulty gaining or losing weight
  • Depression

Parasites increasingly damage your digestive system leading to food allergies (CHECK), increase intestinal permeability aka Leaky Gut Syndrome (CHECK), they irritate the lower bowl flaring IBS (CHECK), they can be a cause for increased issues in weight loss (DOUBLE CHECK), Chronic fatigue Syndrome (CHECK), and of course all of these digestive issues can affect your immune system and result in autoimmune conditions such as Psoriasis (QUADRUPLE CHECK). 

So after much deliberation over which particular cleanse to use, I have decided to complete 21 days of a Complete colon and digestive aid, combined with the parasite plus cleanse from Hulda Clarke

There are so many cleanses on the market! I also heard that Humaworm has wonderful results. However Humaworm does not ship to Australia (so that made that decision for me) and Hulda Clarke, while a known 'quack' in the medical industry, has had much success in the eradication of parasite infestations in ALL of her clients. I also like that I could get everything from the one provider. She even has a full body detox program you can do.

 Hulda Clarkes recommended cleanse program. 

Hulda Clarkes recommended cleanse program. 

I thought I would start with the Colon-Bowel / Para-Tapeparakil cleanse in March, then in July move onto the Kidney and MetalGone cleanse. I would like to end the year with a Liver flush in November and then I think I am going to do a HUGE Candida flush in January. I just want to take it slow and give my body plenty of time to recover in between each cleanse. 

Hulda also has a maintenance dose to take once a week after the initial cleanse to insure you knock off any last stragglers and maintain your new parasite free body. So I feel that taking it slow is the best way for me to create lasting changes that I can actually stick to. If I take on too much all at once I tend to get overwhelmed and if I slip up even slightly I go into a full blown junk food/ alcohol/ cigarettes fiesta extravaganza! And those benders can last for DAYS.  

However for this initial cleanse I have decided to step up my game, just a little. My Mother has recently come out of hospital after a Hiatus Hernia operation, now she can only consume liquids for 2 weeks. So being the ever compassionate daughter, that I know is somewhere deep deep down inside me. I thought I might join her on her liquid diet, and begin my 21 day parasite cleanse with a 10 day juice and broth cleanse to boot. 

I decided to glam up the process by ordering my juice cleanse from Lucky You cold pressed Juices in Sydney. They are delivering my first three day cleanse tonight, so looks like I begin my Detoxification #1 - The Parasite Cleanse, first thing tomorrow morning!

Eeeek. Wish me luck xx

I am not sure why I am doing this part exactly... But my co-worker Cath believes everyone will LOVE IT - her words. So for the curious, and willing among you. I have documented my entire cleanse, blow by blow below!

Simply check out the comment section to read daily updates of my progress.