Step 9. Learn to Cook

I wont lie. I am a very lazy person. I would much rater sit down in front of the TV and eat junk food and SLOTH all weekend than do most things. Until recently that was what I called relaxing, switching off, unwinding. 

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Step 6. Detoxification #1 The Parasite Cleanse

Why should you detox before a diet?  

According to Sam Feltham and Krisin Green 

Toxins are fat soluble. In order to lose weight you must break down stored fat in the body, releasing these toxins into the blood stream. This in turn increases the work load on the liver, kidneys, and digestive system. It is important to undergo a detox program before you start a diet regimen in order to assist your body in clearing current toxins from your system, ready to start a fresh and support your vital organs during your weight loss journey. 


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Step 5. What is Leaky Gut?

Do you ever get the feeling that there is something seriously affecting your health? Like if you could just find that one thing that was out of whack, you could once and for all pin point your issue and turn your life around? 

For me, I believe my digestive system is letting me down. 

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Step 3. Reality check time

I have a confession. I fell right off my LCHF lifestyle over the Chrissy break. I went to South America for 5 weeks with my family and I not only fell off the LCHF bandwagon; I gorged myself on sugar and starchy carbs the whole time! And I gained back the 7 kilos I had lost last year.

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Step 2. Keep a Food Diary

I have tried and failed to keep the weight off more times than I care to remember during my life. The cruellest aspect of being a compulsive yo-yo dieter is dropping all of your excess weight; only to put it back on within the following 24 months.

That’s why this time I have enlisted the help of a number of tools...

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