Hey, I’m Simone. I’m 31. According to my healthy weight range I am 25 kilos overweight. I am unfit. I suffer from chronic back and knee pain. I currently have Guttate Psoriasis covering over 10% of my body, IBS and PCOS. 

I am a product of our instant gratification culture.

In my 20’s I had a real ‘devil may care’ attitude. The more extreme the situation the more I loved it! Living overseas and travelling to remote and war torn countries. I was so inquisitive and always wanted to try new things and educate myself on the ways of the world.

Not a naturally talented person I always had to really push myself in whatever I did. Constantly burning the candle at both ends trying to stay on top of my study or work commitments, while also keeping up with all of my friend’s party antics.

Sleep, exercise, and eating well were all things I just didn’t have time for. Instead I would fill my lack of sleep with quick caffeine fixes, my lack of sustenance with junk food and promise myself it would be different tomorrow.  

Problem is however fast forward 10 years and I am still living that same life style. 

I am still always looking for the quick fixes. In 2010 I began a crazy strict diet and exercise program, assisted by diet supplements, that had me drop a whopping 30 kilos in about 4 months. My Psoriasis cleared up and I was on top of the world.

However, flash forward about 6 months and an over zealous GP prescribed me anti-malaria medication for a volunteering holiday in Peru.  

Within 24 hours of consuming the drug I was covered with Psoriasis. The break out flattened me and before long I was eating my emotions again and 2 years later I am now almost back to my original weight. 

This experience taught me that if you really want to change, if you really want to shed the weight, or regain your health, there are NO quick fixes. 

I have moved countries; relocated cities, completed degrees, changed jobs, I even have new friends. The only constant here is me. Sure I lose weight, but I never manage to keep the weight off for longer than 2 years. 

It is time that I take responsibility for my actions and create new lifestyle habits that help me gain the body that I want, not hinder my chance. That is why I have decided to begin this blog, to hold me accountable during the SHEDDING process; and to allow me to share my experiences, success and failures with you along the way.

OK I am ready to transform! Let’s shed shall we?