Goodbye Cow, Hello Coconut!

Well after an epic cleanse last month, including 21 days on a juice fast! I am doing my best to just ease into eating solid food again this month. And considering the incredible results I seem to be getting from allowing my digestive system a little time to recover; I have decided that this month I am going to remove DAIRY. 

According to Dr Frank Lipman dairy is one of the most gut irritating foods around, almost impossible to digest, and horrid for leaky gut. It is mucus causing and often sits undigested for long periods of time in the large intestine fermenting, this creates pussy sores in the gut which can then lead to all sorts of skin conditions. In other words if you suffer from acne, eczema, psoriasis or any other skin condition, dairy might just be to blame. 

So in an effort to slowly ease my way into The Autoimmune Paleo Protocol which I begin next month. I have decided to give dairy the boot. 

I've already removed grains and gluten from my diet, and when I religiously avoid them I do feel like wonder woman. Not only does my skin clear, my brain fog lifts, my emotions balance out, even my hormones regulate.  

I have been surprisingly lucky that even after my juice fast I didn't just want to binge. I am not sure if its a combination of the amazing results I am seeing, the kilograms I am releasing or the fact my taste buds have changed but for some reason I have found it easy to eat the foods that are good for me. 

Last weekend though I went to a wonderful Music Festival in the Hunter Valley called GUMBALL. After all the amazing work I had been doing I had decided that this weekend was a little time for me to feed my soul. I believe some food sustains the body, other food sustains the soul. I refuse to believe in good or bad food - otherwise I just fall back into my binge eating ways. 

And this weekend away was purely designed to feed my soul. Reconnect me with my friends, get back to nature and just unwind with a few drinks. To begin with I did rather well, stocking up on bags of gluten free chocolates, root veggie chips and veggie snacks, along with dairy free and gluten free dips to share.

All of the delicious snacks lasted about two days, but then on the final day the alcohol munchies set in and all of my healthy food was gone. I ate a chorizo roll, a cornish pastie and even had two cappuccinos! Not to mention quite a large amount of alcohol. 

The next morning I woke up to an IBS attack. Not so pleasant when your trapped inside a sweltering hot tent. Luckily I made it to the port-a-loo in time. Also not a wonderful experience.

However my skin was still clear and after a good sleep the IBS seemed to all but disappear. I put it down to all the alcohol I drank and moved on. 

Two days after I consumed all of that dairy, gluten, caffeine, alcohol, and sugar I still wasn't feeling all that terrible. I thought I got away with it. So while food shopping I thought I would test my theory. I found one of my old favourites, rice pudding. Full of dairy and sugar. What was not to love? 

Within 3 hours of eating the rice pudding my nasal passages blocked up, a brain fog drifted over me, concentration all but alluded me, I couldn't even spell properly! Then it moved down into my throat, my voice became raspy. I felt blocked up and without being too graphic - I have had the runs for over a day now. Releasing fluro yellow oily stool through the eye of a needle! In other words... 

I am clearly dairy intolerant. 

So that means no more more yogurt, or cream, or cream cheese, or yellow cheese, or halloumi or BREE!

 No  more of my famous Lemon'n lime coconut cheesecake balls! 

No more of my famous Lemon'n lime coconut cheesecake balls! 

No more wine and cheese nights with the girls, no more low carb cheesecake for desert or EVEN WORSE no more of my famous Lemon'n lime coconut cheesecake balls! 

But you know what is an awesome supplement for dairy. Coconut. 

Coconut cream

Coconut Milk

Coconut yogurt 

Coconut flour is even a great supplement for wheat flour! So now I can make Banana bread and pancakes and all sorts of delicious treats = nomnomnomnomnomy!

 Zazu knows... Coconuts are where it is at! 

Zazu knows... Coconuts are where it is at! 

Plus have you tried Coconut chips yet? They are THE FREAKEN BOMB!  

PRO TIP - Avoid a hang over and drink Coconut water before bed.