The Cleanse.

This month I am giving up...  Alcohol! Oh wait... and diary, annnd nightshade foods, annnnnnnd red meat... and the list goes on. But it is all part of my plan.

You see I am ditching the booze for a month, and replacing my 'favourite hobby' with a full body detox! So quitting alcohol is kind of mandatory. 

Late last month, after I showed up to the gym twice having drank just a little too much red wine the night before, I decided if I was going to take this work out regime seriously I was really going to have to give up the booze for at least a month.  

At the same time I decided to give a parasite cleanse a go after finding horrid Liver fluke in my stool 3 days into taking VSL#3 probiotics for my IBS.

One thing just kind of lead to another and all of a sudden I have found myself on day 17 of a 21 day juice fast, where I have been living off cold pressed juices and probiotics as part of my first parasite cleanse.

I have always fantasised about doing a full body detox, but I never thought there was any point while I was a smoker. It's been 4 months since I had a cigarette now, 5 months since I have consumed aspartame (mainly found in low fat foods), 3 months since I gave coffee the flick and nearly 1 month since I have eaten any processed food.

It just felt like a natural progression to cleanse after all of the toxins I have removed out of my life. And I feel amazing for it! Which is lucky because... I just loooove alcohol! 

I have also used this month as kind of a reset for my digestive system. Which means I am going to take it really easy when I begin eating again. 

You can follow my whole cleanse process here if you like? 

The best thing about this whole reset process has been the amount I have learnt about my body. From how best to treat my anaemia, to what my heart rate is trying to tell me. This has been one epic journey of self discovery!

I also just stumbled across the Autoimmune Paleo Protocol while on my journey. It looks ideal for my condition. So I am going to begin eating this way next month. Hold on to your hats boys and girls, this ride is just about to get started!