Emotional eating

OK. So I know it hasn't quite been a month since my last post, but I have done so well trading toxic men for dark chocolate that I thought I might tackle a second bad habit this month...

Emotional eating! 

You see last week I was so sick on antibiotics I couldn't even muster the strength to go outside, let alone go food shopping and cook for myself. This then resulted in a week of epic binge eating proportions. If it could be delivered, or had a drive through attached, I ate it.  

I felt like crap! I had this inner ear infection which had been affecting my balance for months and made me feel like I was permanently on a boat. Then it turned out I was allergic to the first lot of antibiotics, resulting in a severe bout of gastro. Then just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, the second lot had me break out in a horrid rash all over my face and chest. Add this to my emotional break up earlier on in the month and I was NOT #winning. 

Like poor Patrick, I began to eat my emotions! Along with my weight in cheeseburgers, pizzas, fries, sundaes, Chinese food, burritos... My LCHF lifestyle went out the window!

 A true and accurate description of me last week! 

A true and accurate description of me last week! 

And the worst part? I have gained another 3 kilos because of it! This is NOT how I saw my weight loss journey going. Instead of loosing weight, I am now 8 kilos heavier than I was when I first started. 

It's time to get serious about this! Which is why I am confronting my bad habit of emotional eating by swapping all fast food for the GYM.

I know it sounds like a raw deal this one but the only way for me to really shift my excess weight is to sweat! Plus the endorphins that you get from a hard core work out totally beat the release of endorphins you get from eating your emotions. Without the self loathing post binge. 

Last night I joined up at The Forum at Honeysuckle with my great friend, and new gym buddy Ash, and we are so pumped! We have even created a full gym buddy program to get us on our way.

Having a gym buddy who is as dedicated as you are is just THE BEST! I really don't know I would make it to the gym for a 6.30 am Spin class if I didn't know she was waiting for me. 

I am also still allowing myself a few certain gluten free, LCHF dishes from Asian take away restaurants, just so I have an option at get togethers when everyone wants to order take away. This is a permanent lifestyle after all not a prison sentence.