Una copa de Malbec? Por favor.

As I have just spent the past 5 weeks travelling through Argentina with my family, I thought this months swap was quite fitting. 

Spending each and every day with my parents, who would shoot me dead if they knew I ever smoked, made this months 'swap' pretty much a no brainer! 

This month I swapped social smoking and drinking sugar filled Apple or Pear Cider (YUM!) for Organic red wine and soda water. Not together in the same glass. Just at the same time to remain hydrated. 

Plus I worked out I am highly allergic to the preservatives in most red wine. I break out in this weird blotchy red rash all over my neck and chest. It kind of looks like I have sun burn. So really I have to go organic. 

Luckily Argentina has the BEST organic Malbec in the world! So I was off to a good start. 

I have to say out of all of my shedding vices to swap - this has been my favourite! Just got to remember to stop at 3 standard glasses. Or I end up with a very nasty head ache the next day. Organic or not haha.